4K Interactive display

These displays are especially suitable for heavy industrial demands. From control rooms to interactive CAD/CAM, Solidworks to touch table solutions. These displays are also suitable for medical research, professional conferences, creative multimedia design and live size digital signage in ultra high “pixelfree”resolution.

4K UHD Interactive Displays


Touch tables

The appearance of touch tables is getting more and more common in shops, exhibitions, schools and museums. The use of interactive content is widely used and is no longer an unaffordable solution. We are manufacturers of a wide range of touch tables. Special designs (size, color, screens, content) can be made to your accomodate your specific needs.

Large format touch video wall

As one of the few European manufacturers we are specialised in the production of large format integrated video wall systems for – for instance – museums, universities, control rooms and/or board rooms. Another specialty is the productions of large format touch displays for TV stations. These touch screens are in use for voor the TV presentation of weather, sports or election results.


Online meeting/collaboration room solutions

In this modern world there is no longer the need to meet in person. Complete integration of audio and video for video conferencing, multiple desktop sharing and file exchange. The heart behind the system is a powerfull computer with dedicated software. Automatic HD camera’s with face recognition, multiple smart microphones and a high end PA system create crystal clear images and sound. Secure connections keep your company information confidentional. A large format multi touch video wall provides for easy local and online presentations. All integrated nicely in a stylish wall at your office.

Touch overlays

It is possible to turn any display into a (multi) touch display. We stock overlays for all major brands such as Samsung, Philips, NEC, LG and Panasonic.  We can produce overlays that can withstand high impact, vibration and/or extreme weather conditions. Whether infra red or capacitve, single touch or multi touch, indoor or outdoor, small or big… we have the right overlay for your display and specific circumstances. Our engineers are happy to inform you about the endless possibilities.


Interactive signage / Wayfinding

With the use of an interactive touch display (integrated in a column or kiosk) you can show the visitor of your event, exhibition, airport or mall the specific information he/she wants to read ánd the information you want to show! Our software  is specially made for solutions in out-of-home guidance, information and personalised advertising.

Special environment display solutions

OOne of the divisions of One Display Solution specialises in the production of (large format) touch walls for use in the most extreme of environments. These sytems are able to withstand vibrations and shocks that are common in – for instance – planes, ships or trains. One Display Solution develops tested and certified shock proof multi touch displays.


Information columns

A familiar view in the streets: Columns with information. But why not go interactive? Present your users with extra information and a value added experience with our touch columns. Help your customers by offering that little extra with our interactive columns for in- and outdoor use. It is even possible to equip these columns with a printer for labels, cards or sheet paper. From floorplans in a mall with extra shop information, finding your way on exhibition grounds, ticket sales at events, public transportation schedules… The possibilties are endless!

Touch presentation software

 touch screen or touch table is an interactive information medium on which you can decide wich information you’d like to present to the user. For this task there are several touch software suites available. We would like to help you in choosing the perfect suite for your situation. Our qualified trainers can train your staff (on site) in order to maintain the information on your system and help you to create the ultimate touch experience.


Digital signage

It has been proven times and times over. Moving images boost sales, create a better shopping experience and custumors validate shops with a display system with a higher score. One Display Solution has several solutions for digital signage; From a single display with a single user cloud solution to multiple synchronized displays for malls and exhibitions running on a local, remote accessable, server.


Do you temporarily need a touch table, a large format touch display or multi touch video wall for an event, product presentation or exhibition? We have the biggest assortment in displays and walls, both in static displays and (multi) touch walls and displays. Our content and development department can assist your in designing the content for the system of your choice. These systems are available to be installed everywhere in Europe.

Curious about the possibilities? Please contact us.